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    Saturday, 13 January 2018



    EPISODE - 3

    I opened the door to leave, but to my greatest shock again; I saw beauty at the doorstep.
    I wondered what she was doing there but couldn't get it.
    I suddenly hissed at her in tears and pains and walked away.

    At school, every student was busy parking their luggage and bringing them downstairs for awaiting departure.
    I was standing at a corner in the classroom and shedding tears.
    I couldn't let go of that night's memory. The light blood kept flashing back in my memory.
    It was painful that someone, I never had feelings of love for; took my pride just like that and in a twinkle of an eyes.
    I wished I had lost it to rapist and I will be painfully proud say it was taken by a rapist.

    What is it again?  She asked intentionally.
    "Since we can back,  you have been hiding from me" She said as glanced at me from head to toe.
    " MM told me what transpired between you both yesterday.....she paused.
    "Take heart, if you don't loose it now; you will surely loose it someday" . She said like foreseer.

    You are wicked like no other! I shouted
    You are full of evil! I barked like a dog.
    "Now, I knew your plan". I recalled quickly.
    "was I the one that forced you to give your pride to that boyfriend of yours?"
    Must I be like you, whore? I asked her in a harsh tone.

    "Anymore.... Words for this your ungrateful mouth, I will slap you! She said aggressively and painfully.
    You are not stabbing my body but my soul! She shouted in tears.
    "Mind you.... She speaks as she was interrupted by my school daughter.

    Mother! She called as we turned quickly.
    I couldn't get what was going on in my mind then.
    I managed to wipe my tears quickly.
    Beauty scolded at her to leave our presence but I called her back.

    What is it Oma? I asked curiously.

    "Mother.... It's.........................

    To be continued.............


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