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    Thursday, 11 January 2018

    Leaving Me At The Sea - Episode One


    Episode 1

    In the hostel at a school premise decorated with flowers, I met my new sharp friend at the corridor.

    "I really don't need to tell my parents to give me the money after the holiday". I told her.
    "What will you do then? "
    " We really need to rock next term   because it's once in a while"
    "I am in sss3 is not only by mouth but your experiences and actions" Beauty told me.
    "I know very well baby.... I can't wait oh! " I said excitedly.

    It's time to go on vacation, the Sharp girl of the gone Sss3 took us(4 girls) on introduction.
    I went with them to a place they called " download club". There, I met men...... When I say men, I mean men with class. I saw cars, I saw girls, and I also saw men sitting round the tables with few of my sharp seniors. I was shocked with what I saw but I was told by Beauty to maintain to avoid being downgraded by them.
    A chair was given to me and I sat down uncomfortable.
    The men were drinking while some were smoking and chatting with each other.
    A drink called smirnoff was offered to me and  I was told to drink it. I maintained and started taking it in pretence to cover my real self because I want to be sexy , Sharp and smart like them. I wanted to be among the Sss girls.
    They call themselves "SSS" Which means sexy, Sharp and smart girls.

    I have already consumed enough alcohol and my brain couldn't carry it.
    One of those men who is handsome, tall and young walked to me and what I was seeing before me, was a tree singing for the birds. He..................

    To be continued..........



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