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    Wednesday, 17 January 2018



     EPISODE 5

    In the evening, when I went out to buy bread, I was stopped by a guy with the latest bike in town.
    I turned but kept on moving, pretending as If he is not cute enough to have me.
    The guy is young, tall and more than cute to me.
    He kept on following me till I reached at our gate and turned for the last time.

    "Pls baby, haven't I tried?" he asked as I pretended to feel less concerned.
    "Give me a listening ear biko.... He pleaded with me.

    It's ok! I spoke phonetically and softly.

    "Wow..... You have a sweet voice angel" He exclaimed like an erected man.
    "You are naturally endowed with the taste of men but I believe am the chosen one for this". He complements my beauty romantically.

    "I will do you a favour by giving you my P.N, call me later; Let's talk better" I said as he brought out his phone and I dialled my number and gave it back to him and went into the house while he kept on startling at my hip and curve.
    Indeed, I was naturally endowed.

    Pi! Pi ! Pi !  I heard the sounds.
    "Go and open the gate, someone is here" I said curiously.

    It's daddy! Kingston,  my youngest brother exclaimed as he ran to open the gate.

    The car drove and it was a new car which, I have never seen in the compound before.
    I stood a side like a stranger and watched a gentleman stepped out of the car.
    Behold, the gentleman was my sweet daddy.

    Wow..... Daddy! I exclaimed in joy as I hugged him happily.

    "Daddy... You bought another car?" I asked happily.

    Your mummy didn't tell you? He asked happily.

    "Yes.... She didn't, including Junior and Kingston" I said softly with a tuned voice.

    No..... We forgot oh! Junior, my younger brother defended themselves.

    Good evening daddy!  They both greeted.

    Uncle, welcome home!
    How was work today? My cousin welcomed and asked him.

    Fine Frank!
    God is great!  My daddy gives honour to God.
    "Adanna ya, bring out those things in the boot. He said and went in as my siblings rushed to the boot immediately.

    Easy! Easy! I exclaimed carefully trying to protect myself from being injured by any of them.

    In the midnight, I knocked at my cousin brother's room.
    He opened the door after some minutes, and started mopping at me like a goat.

    "I need something crucial from you but look at me and tell me how I look". I told him while I was pushing up and........

    To be continued....................


    In case, you have missed any of these episodes, you have nothing to worry about rather than clicking on this blog and sharing to enjoy episodes and more of them.

    It's still the Queen: Ada love

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