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    Tuesday, 16 January 2018



    EPISODE - 4

    "Mother..... It's your mummy" Oma said.

    Oh... Thank you!
    Let's go.... I said as I dragged her with me.

    When I reached downstairs, I saw and gave my mummy a happy hug while my school daughter greeted her and went away.
    She told me to put my things in the boot, and  she had somewhere she was going to.

    As I wanted to open the front door,
    I saw a man sitting there. I made signs for my mother to come. She came and I asked her who the man was.
    Is my business partner!  She replied in a harsh tone, "get into the car".

    I entered and she drove off.
    When we reached the house, I met my siblings and including my cousin brother that came for visitation.
    They were happy to see me back.

    Few minutes later, my younger brother called me to come and see something.
    When I got l there, it was not a surprise though....I came out and saw that my mother and her car were gone.

    "I know..... She said it earlier" I told him.
    "What of daddy?" I asked, feeling concerned.

    "He is fine".

    He has been waiting for your return for long" he said.

    Wow..... That's my daddy!
    My sweet daddy!  I screamed happily.

    Look at her! He mocked me.
    "Please come and give me the things you came back with... He said as he dragged me into room.

    In my family, we were three; two boys and one girl.

    In the evening, when I went out to buy bread, I was.........

    To be continued......................


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