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    Friday, 12 January 2018




    One of those men who is handsome, tall, and young walked to me and what I was seeing before me, was a tree singing for the birds. He held me by the shoulder and whispered to my ear.

    Ha ! ha ! ha !  I laughed madly as I smiled.

    The next day, I woke up in a cold room that was as chilled as a chilling room.
    My head was too heavy to raise from the bed. I tried moving my legs but I felt a slight pain within.
    I opened my eyes quickly and the first thing I saw, was a ceiling fan that was above me.
    I looked at my right and I saw a suitcase open with lots of money in it.
    I rose quickly from the bed and looked at my left.
    To my surprise, I saw a young man sitting closer to me. He was only putting on short.
    I quickly jumped out of the bed like an afternoon frog.

    "Easy baby......
    Don't be afraid, you are safe" Money machine told me.
    Aai.......... I felt the pain again.
    "Baby girl...... Look at the bed where you ran from" Money Machine told me.
    To my greatest shock, I looked at that spot, and I saw a light blood stain in the bedsheet . I looked at the towel, I was tying round my cheek.
    I quickly screamed out in pains and tears.
    "I lost it for you"
    "Oh God have mercy !"
    "You are wicked !"
    "You deflowered me without my consent" I screamed painfully as I ran to hit him.
    He pushed me aside and held my both hands down to the bed.
    "It's not my fault"
    "I never knew you were a virgin"
    " I thought you were among the Sss girl"
    "Sorry for that... But I want to assure you that I will take care of you so far you keep meeting to my demands"
    "I will make you the queen of my world"
    "Go to that suitcase, and take the amount of money you want"
    " please, go and dress up because it's time to leave here"
    "Look at your clothes over there!" He said as he left the bed to dress up.

    "Beauty is as wicked as the ant that sting me at the bottom" I wept painfully.
    I regretted it all but the deal is done.
    he couldn't pet nor console me.
    I put on my clothes in tears and as I painfully walked to the suitcase and picked #100,000 from it.
    I opened the door to leave, but to my greatest shocking again........

    To be continued...............



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