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    Friday, 29 December 2017


    Just like this picture, we'd want our lives to be prim and proper. But fortunately it doesn't always turn out that way. Why fortunately? Well, perhaps, there's a possibility that we would sink into a routine, running around in circles, never going back but yet never moving forward. Perhaps, there would be no aspirations, no dreams, no hope, and what is a man without hope? Dead.
    Perhaps, we would then rest on our oars and pride in the fact that we made it happen all by ourselves. This is seemingly possible as man has always tried to play god, most times to his detriment.
    Maybe the problems, the challenges, the bills, come so that in the process of dealing with them we bump into our purpose, our reason for being created, our existence.
    Perhaps they come that we may realize the endless possibilities of faith, increasing by each victory. Perhaps, the untidiness of a partner or the unruliness of a family member would teach us to love even when we do not feel like it.
    Perhaps, the torments come that we may realize the need for a higher being, some form of supernatural intervention that we most times hate to admit that we need.
    Perhaps, life itself happens to us, to jerk us out of mediocrity zone, to stir the sleeping giants within, to awaken potentials locked up far away by the unpleasant opinions presented to us at childhood, in our workplaces, social gatherings and social media.
    Perhaps, we get burned that our scars become lessons for generations after us to learn. Perhaps, our stories, uniquely written by individual experiences would make the books that would turn the clocks of history. Perhaps, we should all come to accept the fact that life may never be prim and proper like we want it to be but its uncertainties eventually turn out for our greater good.

    Perhaps.....oh, perhaps.

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