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    Sunday, 1 October 2017

    Romance On Politics | An Independence Day Special by Ola Lekan

    Romance On politics by Ola Lekan

    From 1999 till date, Nigeria has recorded the highest number of  ‘political jumpology’ or political crisscrossing as the English man will say, ever since she attained her independence status since 1960.

    But could our fear of marginalization and abandonment be the reason for this act that has made us jettison the interest of our people to our own personal interest

    Having also forgotten that we now live in a country where everyone feels marginalized right from the presidency to the least civil servant in the political circle and from the father to even the last born in the family setting.

    But my question is have we really achieved the major aim of political crisscrossing or jumpology which to me is to promote co-existence in unity and cultural diversity
                      Romance on politics by Ola Lekan

    Just like the alliances that were formed in the early 60’s by Nnamdi Azikiwe of the NCNC and Tafewa Belewa of the NPC against Obafemi  Awolowo of the Action group. Yes, their personal interest which was to further dislodge Awo from national politics and further subject him to regional politics was achieved, but then i ask: was cultural ideologies that could make the nation move forward achieved? Or did it further subject a particular region to think that they are been marginalized?

    Fast forward to the present day Nigeria since the transition to democracy rule, we have not only recorded just romance on politics but our leaders have taken a step further to conduct political marriages in the disguise of a merger which is heading to the rocks sooner or later.

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    I am no prophet of doom, but a realist! Looking at what we have on ground, everything is just born of the selfish desire of our leaders to remain in power and further subject their people to unending penury.

    If I may ask, is not history repeating itself with this political merger of ACN,CPC, NewPDP  and  some part of  APGA to further dislodged  the PDP from Aso Rock?   And yes, the cries of marginalization are sung every now and then.

    Truth be told, I see more and more political marriages have been conducted between political parties all in the make-up to the 2019 general elections not forgetting the impending divorce that might likely rock the currently married ones but then again, we are still very far from achieving the major aim of political crisscrossing which is in our uniqueness of cultural diversity to share ideologies that will further keep this country as one and further develop her to her attainable heights. 

    Yes, everyone is shouting and wailing restructuring but I ask, of what? Country or Mind?

    Restructuring should be a position of the mind. 
    Until then, we will keep having failed ROMANCE ON POLITICS which will always culminate on the abortion of national integration.

    Happy independence day Nigeria.
    Ola lekan