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    Monday, 11 September 2017


             Being bored could be interesting sometimes if you know how to utilize it well, I for one come up with new ideas (like this article) when I have nothing to do and I am bored. There are varieties of things you could do when you’re bored, but as always I’ll focus on the interesting ones that I have experimented with and know you would love to get busy with.
             Below are six things you could do to get you out of that boredom. So bookmark this page so you can come back anytime you want (especially when bored…again)

            If you’re someone who watches food network often and always end up salivating after every episode (like me), well guess what, now is your chance to be a chef or try be one depending on your cooking skills. But nevertheless, you have nothing to lose, you’re currently bored and looking for something to keep you occupied, so head over to the kitchen and whip something up, even if you’re not hungry, let your friends be judges and tell them to rate how well you did.

           Doesn’t necessary have to be an old friend, just go through your phonebook and call those friends you haven’t heard from them for a while, or someone you know doesn’t have your number, try changing your voice and listen to how the react.

           Go through your wardrobe, try on different clothing patterns that you don’t normally do, get your selfie game up and take those flaming Instagram pictures, could be indoor or outdoor, I prefer a change of scenery when taking pictures so I go different places, you should too.

            There are lots of video sharing apps out there, most popular are YouTube, Instagram and musical.ly. You can join the platform making different kinds of video like a makeup video, cooking video, music, skits, reaction videos etc. The list goes on and on. Who knows, you might just get famous in the process.

            Think your room is at its best right now? Well I’m telling you from personal experience that it could get better, I remember back in school I once rearranged by room thrice in a semester, not only did it helped me get rid of boredom, also helped get rid of junks I don’t need leaving my room sparkling clean and organized with more space. And yes, also gets the girls over. Talk about killing three birds with one stone.

           This is also a very fun way to get rid of boredom, search for all the different types of challenges online, the results are uncountable, from the flip bottle challenge, roast yourself challenge, try not to laugh challenge, or as a lady, you could invite a male friend over to do your makeup for fun, trust me it’s going to be hilarious, make sure you make a video of it, so you can watch it over and over again when you’re bored.

    Things you could do when bored are literarily endless, but these are the ones I can relate with which to me are really fun and could lead to discovering something new. Don’t keep this to yourself, share with your friends.


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