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    Tuesday, 5 September 2017


    Listen to your imagination
    Listen and understand what it says .
    Pay attention to the words it preaches
    Flow with the tide of the river without banks.
    Don't swim, flow; don't talk, listen.

    Poetry speaks in images
    And words decipherable to even the clueless
    Just listen. 

    Poetry creates words and graphics  
    And not boring figures of speech. 

    Poetry is an expression of the deep within
    Not a web of confusing grammatical technicalities.

    A poet carries the heavy burden of
    Messages waiting to be understood.
    The poet is not an author of confusion
    But a bearer of fantastical verity. 

    A poet begs to be heard
    Not for professional analysis of
    his mood and background .

    Poetry teaches the obvious.
    Just listen, read and search within.
    For in the head of every thinker
    A poet begs to be heard.

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