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    Wednesday, 20 September 2017

    What does life means to you? by Fatimah Balogun

    Everybody define life according to their experiences. There is this Yoruba saying "Bi aye se ko ju si oni kaluku yato", meaning "People has different perception about life".
    How do you see life?
    What do you think is your main purpose in life?
    What have you achieved in your life so far?
    What do you plan on achieving?
    What good have you done?
    Who have you helped so far in your life?
    These are the questions you should ask yourself. I bet majority of you can't give positive answers to this question especially the one asking your good deeds.
    Many people don't have a purpose in this life, they just go about their lives, waking up everyday and sleeping at night without achieving anything or helping someone.
    Life shouldn't go that way. Everybody must have a purpose or have a plan to achieve everything day of his life. He or she should also try to help someone also.
    How many people can say he or she helps someone everyday or even every week?
    Or how good they are to others lower than them?
    We just go about do our business and leave others. I know u may be like who goodness help as in "who e epp" but do you know that helping people is part of our purpose in life? And that when you help others it takes you higher and closer to your aims.
    Everybody has dreams but not everyone can achieve their dreams due to one situation or the other and you have a way to help, please do, you never can tell that might also be your stepping stone.
    Achieve your dreams sometimes can be very hard but never give up because "tough time don't last but tough people do".
    Like I said before different people has different perception about life but along with your perception, try achieving your aims,never give up and don't forget to do good. If every one can try to help one person per day and the person helped, helps another person then this life will better than how it is now.
    So readers, make sure you achieve something in a day and do good. Don't wake up hopeless and sleep hopelessly. 

    Written by:


     Balogun Fatimah was born and brought up in ikorodu, Lagos State, though her State of Origin is Ogun state, Ijebu Igbo to be precise. She is currently 
    Studying Mass communication in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic[ HND 1]


    1. Deep and inspiring,thanks. I'd say life is full of uncertainties and changes.

      1. True words, life is also a complex labyrinth