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    Thursday, 7 September 2017

    The Power Of A Nagging Woman

    Have you ever been in a situation where a woman is nagging, and you're like "Please God, make her shut up. Lord, partial dumbness for her". However when God in his magnificent wisdom smiles and says no, you turn to her offering both your kidneys for her silence?

    I was in that situation on my way back to warri. There was a serious traffic jam due to a market day. The bus AC wasn't switched on and we were sweating buckets. The ladies in the bus started complaining bitterly. The complaints reached a crescendo, that I was sorely tempted to offer excuses for our seemingly deaf driver, so that I could sweat in peace.

    The ladies nagged so much, that the driver quietly decided to turn on the AC, and save himself the trouble of 20 years of his life talked out of him. The ladies however weren't satisfied and asked for music so that they could "nod their heads".

    As at the time of writing, i'm sitting in a chilled bus, listening to cool music, and wondering about the unique power God gave women. The power of nagging.
    © Iyke.

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