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    Thursday, 14 September 2017

    The Paradox Of Abel - Chapter One #4 | Larry Sun

    Episode 4
    A vehicle stopped, the conductor poked his snout out from the slit of the window and shouted where the vehicle was heading as if he were in Noah’s ark and the Biblical rain was doomed to fall at any moment. There were only enough space for three passengers, because the vehicle was already almost filled up from the previous bus-stops. Among about twenty people jostling to get on a vehicle that could hold not more than three, Daniel was lucky to get his own seat beside a girl sitting by the window. He was particularly annoyed at this struggle––and he seriously felt like being in Lagos, where he grew up, as if the South Western state was any better in passengers' struggle to get on buses. Christmas was already approaching, he knew he had just about a week left before they were permitted holiday at the stadium––and his heart rejoiced with each passing second.

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