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    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    The Paradox Of Abel - Chapter One #2 | Larry Eun

    Episode 2
    Daniel thought with revulsion, _what a morning–– what a foul morning!_ The initial beauty of Rivers––its shops, its restaurants, its well-dressed attractive women––had faded. He saw it now as a glittering world meant for Eskimos.
    He felt like being back in Lagos now––he felt a quick pang of homesickness. Sunshine, blue skies––gardens of flowers in the streets, and not the leafless stems he was seeing all around here in Port-Harcourt. Dirt, grime and endless incessant crowds––moving, hurrying, jostling. Busy ants running industriously about their ant-hills. For a moment, he wished he hadn’t chosen Liberation. Then he remembered his purpose––he had come here to train as a professional footballer. But the former excitement he had had about life in Port-Harcourt had waned. He now longed to see his family again––Abigail, Richard, Antonia, Juliet, Silas, his mom and dad––and Hakeem, especially Hakeem. He would love to see that brilliant Hausa boy again; his particular fondness for Hakeem, he could not describe. The boy was just too much. How old would he be by now? Seventeen–– it had been three years since the case of Cain. To Daniel, the events of that night still felt like yesterday. Most times, his mind would drift to Lot––that extraordinary detective. Daniel knew that he would at least had been subjected to a court’s hearing had Lot not cast his eyes away on that day of confession. When he thought about the shot that had sounded from the pulled trigger, and the gruesome effect it had unleashed thereafter; his body shivered in revulsion. He believed that a particular innocence in him had been diminished––and all had been Cain’s fault. Cain had forced him to cross a line of which he could not possibly cross back, he thought.

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