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    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    The Paradox of Abel- Chapter One #1 | Larry Sun

    Episode 1
    The morning was cold–– cold! Although there wasn’t any rain during the earlier hours of the morning, the air was misty; every image beyond stood out among white clouds. Daniel pulled up the collar of his coat as he walked briskly towards the bus-stop. As he walked, he stared at passers-by. Several collided against him, going in the same direction but walking much faster. Several others were heading south, he noticed the strange behavior of a man in his expensively cut suit, and he smiled. The man was walking with a certain kind of swagger; apparently because he saw himself as the most striking in appearance that morning, but the man was quite ugly. Large and small vehicles sped superbly by as they blew off the cloudy particles of the mist that had engulfed virtually everywhere, the smokes from these vehicles mingled with the cold raw air of the mist––giving stultifying, and almost suffocating feelings to the awaiting passengers.

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