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    Saturday, 9 September 2017



    (At the police station)

    DAN: I didn't rob the chemistry lab if that's what you're asking
    AGENT RICHARD: We didn't say you did, we're just asking if you noticed anything suspicious among your friends or around the chemistry lab, you and two other students were the last to leave school yesterday, Elizabeth Johnson and Gabriel Olusanya
    DAN: Gabriel?
    AGENT RICHARD: Yes, Gabriel, do you know him?

    [Gabriel Olusanya, my sworn enemy from heaven, always picking on me since kindergarten, remember when Drey and I were talking about Liz's boyfriend? That's right geniuses, he is the boyfriend. He is a handsome guy I'll give him that. But I have no idea what Liz sees in him, I know what I see in him - a walking talking sack of stupidity]

    DAN: Hum... Yea, but not close, besides I don't think he could have done this.
    AGENT RICHARD: Why do you say that?
    DAN: He is too dumb to pull that off
    (Few minutes later at the common room, Liz steps out of the interrogation room with agent Richard)
    AGENT RICHARD: Agent Thomas will be with you shortly to take you back to school (Dan and Liz nods in acknowledgement, Richard leaves)
    DAN: Hi
    LIZ: Hey Daniel, how are you?
    DAN: I'm fine, what did they ask you?
    LIZ: Nothing much, they said... (Gabriel walks in)
    GABRIEL: Hey babe (hugs Liz then look at Dan) Dan?  (Dan looks back) why don't you save us the trouble and just confess already
    DAN: (Scoffs) hmm, I was just about to say the same thing to you
    GABRIEL: (Angry) what did you say?
    LIZ: (cuts in) Gabriel! Really? (Agent Thomas walks in)
    AGENT THOMAS: Alright, let's get you back to school

    (Later that evening at Daniel's house)
    (Gateman opens gate; Daniel walks in slowly)
    DANIEL: Abu, how you dey?
    ABU: Oga I dey o, welcome, see I no go believe wetin I see today for market

    [This is Abu, he is a Hausa man born and breed in Kano, recently came to Lagos, he has been working with us for the past three months and I already feel like I've known him for years, he is a very welcoming man, sometimes at night when I'm bored, I come to sit with him at the gate to listen to his stories about his adventures in Kano, how he was a great warrior who got crowned king but then overthrow by the treacherous villain Amadu - his half-brother. I don't believe his stories but I do enjoy it, could make a great Nollywood movie someday]

    DAN: Another time abeg, I too tire now, mummy dey house?
    ABU: Yes, madam Don come with Tobi
    DAN: OK, Thank you

    [I live with my single mother, my dad died five years ago just few months before my little brother "Tobi" was born, life wasn't easy without him at first but seeing my mom work hard day to day to cater for us without depending on any man is a constant reminder of how well I'm going to treat my lady]

    DAN: Honey I'm home! (Tobi rushes to hug him, he lifts Tobi up but immediately put him down) wow Tobi, you're getting heavy (Tobi laughs) where is mom?
    TOBI: She is in the kitchen
    DAN: Oh thank God, I'm fuckin... (looks at Tobi who looks back at him) freaking hungry... I'm freaking hungry (walks into the kitchen) evening mom
    MRS WILLIAMS: Welcome honey, how was school?
    DAN: Not bad, I'm also fine thanks for asking (Mrs Williams chuckles) what are you cooking?
    DAN: (Smiles) wow my favourite (they both laugh)


    (Dan in his room, video chatting with Drey and Sarah over his computer)


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