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    Monday, 11 September 2017


    (In school, at the cafeteria)
    (Dan, Drey and Sarah are at a round table eating when Liz walks up to them)
    LIZ: Dan, can I see you for a minute?
    DAN: Hum, yea (stands up, then takes three steps away from Drey and Sarah) what's up?
    LIZ: There is something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time
    DAN: (Confuse) what?
    LIZ: I'm in love with you Dan, I'm seriously crushing on you ever since I met you, I want you to be my boyfriend forever
    DAN: (Shocked) wow, really? I... I feel the same way about you, but... Wait what about Gabriel? (Gabriel walks in)
    GABRIEL: Hey bro, I'm sorry I've been a jerk to you all these years, truth is I'm jealous of you, you're way more handsome and intelligent and strong...and intelligent than I am. You should date Liz, you two are perfect together
    DAN: Wow (Drey and Sarah stands up to join them)
    DREY: You finally did it bro, you're so going to get more girls than I ever have
    SARAH: He is right Dan. You're the man
    DAN: This is amazing, this is too good to be true, feels like I'm in ...a dream (Dan jerks awake and find himself still in bed) oh come on!

    (Following morning in school, the class is full and the students are murmuring loudly)
    DAN: I had the craziest dream last night guys, you're not going to believe what happened
    SARAH: what? (Mr Johnson walks into the class)
    DREY: This man and his bad timing (everyone stands up to greet)
    MR JOHNSON: Alright sit down, bring out your textbook, open to chapter four...today we'll be talking about gas laws...


    SARAH: Hey Dan, can I see your note?
    DAN: Sure (hands over his notebook to Sarah) eh ehn as I was saying, about my dream last night...
    SARAH: Wait. Look who is coming (she look straight to a guy making his way towards them)
    DAN: Oh, your one true love
    SARAH: You want me to teach you how to use your mouth? (Dan chuckles) (Steven finally made his way to them)
    STEVEN: Hey guys
    DAN: Steven Steven (exchange handshakes with Steven) Steven my man, what's up, what's good
    STEVEN: I'm good, Sarah what's up
    SARAH: I'm okay
    STEVEN: How was... Your night?
    SARAH: (Uninterested) it was okay
    STEVEN: That's... Nice, uhm Dan, can I see you outside for a minute?
    DAN: Sure (stands up and walks out with Steven, Drey is at the back of the class talking to a girl then stands up to join Sarah)
    DREY: Sarah Sarah (Sarah looks at him in awe) remember when we were kids that I use to share my bike with you...
    SARAH: (cuts in) what do you want?
    DREY: What?
    SARAH: Anytime you start a conversation by referring to when we were kids and your bike is when you need something, so what do you want cos as you can see. I'm busy
    DREY: (breaths down heavily) I need your help with getting Mary
    SARAH: (Laughs loudly) what? Your highness need help getting a girl
    DREY: Well I've tried everything I can, she just shows no interest at all
    SARAH: So what do you want me to do?
    DREY: I Uh ...want you to... Help me find out if she is into girls only
    SARAH: What!?  Do I look like a gay detector?
    DREY: No!  Of course not, it's just that she has a lot of female friends so it'll make sense if she is into girls only (Sarah makes a confuse face) just do this for me... Please
    SARAH: You know this could go sideways right? (Drey makes a sorry face) what’s in it for me?
    DREY: Uhm... You get to take my bike out for a ride?
    SARAH: (Laughs) idiot

    (Outside the classroom)
    DAN: so you want me to help you talk to Sarah about you?
    STEVEN: Yes, please, I've tried all I can but she doesn't show interest in me at all, and I really like her
    DAN: wow uhm maybe she is not into guys like you?
    STEVEN: That's why I need you to help me persuade her, you're her closest friend... Please Dan
    DAN: I don't know about this bro, you know it's Sarah we're talking about, she is...
    STEVEN: (cuts in) I'm willing to pay you bro, (hangs over a 500 Naira note to Dan who collects it slowly) I promise to give you more when she accepts
    DAN: oh, I think I can help you, I'll talk to her, trust me she'll say yes...she has to
    STEVEN: Thanks a lot bro (exchange handshake) I have to get back to my class, give me feedback on whatsapp or call me
    DAN: Sure (Steven leaves)

    (At the cafeteria during recess, Liz and Gabriel are at a table eating)
    LIZ: I wanted to ask you something yesterday it skipped my mind
    GABRIEL: What
    LIZ: At the police station, the detective said you Dan and I were the last person to leave school yesterday, so it got me thinking - what were you doing in school that late?
    GABRIEL: Nothing
    LIZ: Nothing?
    GABRIEL: Yea, I was just checking some stuffs, that's all
    LIZ: You're not making sense Gabe, just tell me what you were doing in school (Micheal - a close friend of Gabriel walks in)
    MICHEAL: what's up guys
    GABRIEL: Hey man (exchange handshake with Micheal)
    MICHEAL: Lizzy, how is you (exchange handshake with Liz)
    LIZ: I'm fine Mike
    MICHEAL: Nice, I'm really sorry to intrude but can I borrow Gabe for a minute
    LIZ: Sure
    MICHEAL: Thanks (walks away with Gabriel)

    (Outside the cafeteria)
    GABRIEL: What's up
    MICHEAL: We have a problem mehn, Dom won't buy that stuff, he said he needs to see any form of proof of ownership
    GABRIEL: What? It's a freaking black market, what does he need that for?
    MICHEAL: I Don't know mehn, he said we too young or something and he wants to know the origin of our product
    GABRIEL: That's nonsense
    MICHEAL: I told you we shouldn't have done this mehn, it's too risky, we have to get rid of this stuff before someone starts poking around
    GABRIEL: Don't worry I'll handle it
    MICHEAL: You sure?

    GABRIEL: Yea I'm sure, I'll handle it... Like I always do 


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