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    Saturday, 9 September 2017




          [My name is Daniel Williams, but friends call me Dan, I am sixteen years young, I'm currently in ss2 at Whitmore college here in Lagos. I don't do sport or anything social for that matter, so yes you can call me nerd cos I'm more into books. I have two best friends; Dare Ayodeji aka Drey, the ladies’ man, he is into everything, sport, girls, books you name it, his social status is second to none in school, he has been to every party, no party is complete without him, cos he brings fun into everything, some people wonder why he is friends with me cos we're total opposite but we think it's a good thing, we've been best buddies since kindergarten. My Second best friend; Sarah Wellington, a certified tomboy, she doesn't talk much, mostly to guys, I still don't understand how we became best friends, she is her own bodyguard, I remember in junior school, she beat a guy inside out for talking trash about Tiwa Savage, she wasn't expelled because her rich parents are highly respected in the society and among the P.T.A and she is gay, only Drey and I know though but others might guess based on her manly attitude. We're all science students and also in same class]

    DREY: Yo Dan! (taps Dan)
    DAN: (stunned) what?
    DREY: You've been staring at the board for the past five minutes, you okay?
    DAN: Yea, I'm good
    DREY: Are you sure? Because normally you do that to Liz, so I was wondering if you're now crushing on the white board
    DAN: HA HA! very funny (Drey chuckles while Dan looks back at the girl sitting at the other end of the class)
    [That is Elizabeth Johnson aka Liz, to me she is the prettiest girl in school, she has been my crush since our first year in school]


    LIZ: (taps Dan on shoulder) excuse me, please do you know the way to the principal's office
    DAN: Hum...hum... Yea, Yea, you'll hum take the... The back of this building (points to building) then come out to the... The front, then go back.
    LIZ: Sorry I don't understand you, do you mind showing me?
    DAN: Show you?
    LIZ: Yea
    DAN: Right... Now? (Liz nods) hum... (Dan reaches for his belt holding his trouser)
    LIZ: (frustrated) Do you know where the principal's office is or not
    DAN: Oh yes!  I know the place, let me show you, I thought you were...


    DREY: Dan!
    DAN: (stunned) What?
    DREY: You're doing it again
    DAN: Doing what?
    DREY: Staring, and I think you have a new time record, three minutes (Dan didn't respond) seriously bro when are you going to move from the staring stage to the approaching her and telling her how you feel stage?
    DAN: You know she has a boyfriend bro and you know who he is and what he'll do if he realizes I'm hitting on his girl.
    DREY: Scratch that, we both know that's not why you've not move from the staring stage, you're scared, and shy
    DAN: No I'm not (Drey stares at him) OK maybe a little (Drey kept staring) OK fine, a lot (Drey laughs) I don't know how you do it bro, you always get the girl, well, all of them except Mary
    DREY: Oh don't you worry, I have a plan, she is going to say yes soon, but if you need help with approaching Liz, just ask bro, you know I'm always here for you
    DAN: I hear you, by the way where in the world is Sarah (Sarah walks into the class)
    DREY: Speak of the devil (Sarah sits with them) Dan just called you stupid
    DAN: Hey! (hits Drey by the shoulder)
    SARAH: I'm sure he didn't mean it (they all smile) oh did you guys hear that the chemistry lab was robbed yesterday?
    DAN: Yea, the equipment and chemicals are brand new, donated to the school by the commissioner, why would someone steal it so soon
    DREY: For money of course, they're probably going to sell it to another school, that's just messed up (A man in his early 50s walks into the class accompanied by two young men in suits, everyone stands up to greet)

    [Look what hell just spit out - Mr Johnson, the devil's special adviser on child misery also known as our chemistry teacher but truth is we got no chemistry between us, and no he is in no way family with Liz. I wonder what he is doing here with his two buddies dressed like they're going to audition for the fourth instalment of Men In Black]

    MR JOHNSON: Sit down (they all did) the following student should stand up and follow me... Elizabeth Johnson (Liz stands up while the whole class murmur and stare at her) and Daniel Williams (Daniel was surprised, he looked at Sarah and Drey who looked back at him in awe then stand up reluctantly) alright, come outside

    [I could feel my heart slowly sliding down into my stomach, what does he want? I haven't done anything wrong, at least not yet, why call only Liz and I, my heartbeat already making wizkid's next single]

    MR JOHNSON: (Faces one of the men in suits) these are the students
    AGENT RICHARDS: I am detective Richards, this is detective Thomas (points to his partner and they both show their identification cards) we're from area A police station, we're here to ask you a few questions about the robbery at the chemistry lab.

    Written by TEMI TOPE.

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