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    Monday, 25 September 2017


    It is no longer news that Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere Abeokuta Ogun State has been converted into Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology. The Transition has Led
    to the following problems:

    => Lecturer Protest against Mass Labor Turnover
    => Delay in the Examination of HND 2 FT/EV
    => Communication Gap between State Government and Management of MAPOLY
    => Inconsistent Lecture for ND1 & ND 2 FT/EV
    => Failure to admit new students for ND 1 and HND 1 FT/EV
                                Ogunbiyi Ahmed ET Muftau Arifayo "2017
    Based on the aforementioned problems each stakeholder (Government, MAPOLY Managements and Students) are agitating for their right but the noise of the grass root (Students) seems not to be heard. The transition has posed a significant effect on students such as;

    => Students that have any issue such as Carryover/ Extra year, how will they complete their programme?
    => Students have lost focus on reading most especially HND 2 FT/EV which can significantly lead to mass failure if the examination commences soon.
    => Students that hold Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Certificate have no reference point anymore based on which school they finished from.
    => National Youth Service Corps of Outgoing HND 2 FT has been delayed as well because no   mobilization without final examination
    => Delay in youths plan as various outgoing students have individual plans which have been affected negatively by the delay in their final examination.

                                                       Mapoly Students

          However, the crisis going on wouldn’t have occurred if the Ogun state government had learnt from the TASUED/TASCE crisis, which recently occurred as a result of lack of funding. As student(s) of MAPOLY, we have not said the transition is not a good achievement but proper structure ought to have been put in place, structures that will mutually benefit both parties (Government and MAPOLY stakeholders). 
    The Government should not have scrapped MAPOLY while the new MAUSTECH was being established. Better still, MAUSTECH should be entirely new varsity at Ipokia instead of destroying laid down structure in MAPOLY. The implication is that if MAPOLY had not been scrapped by statue and simply related to Ipokia, (name can be changed to Ogun Poly) then the workers will no longer have the right to argue that they cannot be transferred or moved to the same institution new location. This issues has posed a very negative effects on both students’ and MAPOLY Staff as the student’s graduation is not guaranteed while the staffs’ employment is at stake.
    Concerning Profferable solutions, the issues are still not far-fetched and rectification can be done amicably if the following can be considered based on the problems and its tremendous effect on students and MAPOLY Staff :
    => MAPOLY Staffs should be included in transition committee to ensure mutually but beneficial   satisfactions.
    Government should have a general meeting with all Management both teaching and non teaching staff in order to develop goals and planning strategy which can resolve the current issues 
    => They should consider the current human resources in MAPOLY by retaining qualified staff for University and deploy others to new establishment.

    => MAUSTECH should be entirely a new university at Ipokia to avoid needless argument.
    => MAPOLY should be de-scrapped, if already scrapped, movement to a new site will them      simply be on disarticulation of co-habilitation policy.
                                      Ogunbiyi Ahmed ET Muftau Arifayo "2017
         It is high time the institution enjoy the goodness of the government, OGSG should support  the institution (MAPOLY) by completing the road leading to the institution, building more lecture room, practical room, and payment of staffs salaries.
        In conclusion, all government should learn from this, the OGSG has basically focused on infrastructure in the state which is a very good idea, but then again, infrastructure cannot go in isolation. Others aspect should also be considered basically on EDUCATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP and AGRICULTURE. If the students are not schooled or empowered, they might destroy the infrastructure of the government. Agriculture however will promote the culture and tradition of the state and as a result leads economy boom in the state as well as job opportunities.

    Written by:
    Ogunbiyi Ahmed and
    Arifayo Muftau



    Ogunbiyi Ahmed is prolific writer, a motivational and inspirational speaker, an active citizen, a Libertarian and an Advocator for Peace. 
    He is a final year student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, department of Marketing(Strategic Planner). He has written a lot of books and have represented his department in various public speaking within and outside the campus. 
    He is currently the CEO SUCCESS CAREER ACADEMY.


        Arifayo Muftau Olayemi is final year student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in the department of Marketing. His is an Academic/Marketing Researcher,Strategic Marketing Planner and Public Speaker. He has won various Public Speaking Competition and received various merit and Academic Awards.

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