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    Sunday, 17 September 2017

    The Cheerful Heart : Bedtime Tale by Wordsmithpraise

    Many moons ago, there lived a young boy; Daniel, whose mother was sick and father had abandoned them. He was left to cater for his ill mother whilst acting as the breadwinner.

    He could only do so for a while till death finally came knocking. Mama died---His mother eventually closed her eyes. He mourned her for while then decided to move to the city to start anew.

    He used to roam around all day scavenging food from trashcan and sleeping at open garage. He came across a young lady; Joanne, some day. She caught his Attention, totally dismantling his Castle of thoughts... She was of a rich class but a brat as her parents spoilt her with money.

    It so happened she was crossing the road some day whilst receiving a phone call.  she got hit and collapsed. Daniel was passing by and hurriedly rushed to her, resuscitates her before the ambulance came.

    He had saved her life, she owed me deeply. She soon became attracted to him likewise but her parents despised him due to his background. They so hated him that they framed him for theft and got him jailed.

    However, Joanne proves his innocence and the fact that her parents connived to have him jailed in hopes to shatter her love for him. Her parents were arrested and jailed.
    Whilst, Daniel and Joanne enjoyed the riches and lived happily ever after.

    Written by Praise Osawaru

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