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    Saturday, 23 September 2017

    The Beauty In The Beast | Poetry by Ajani Oyin

    Hit her black and blue
    And tell her to shhhhh when she screams,
    Scream your name so loudly that she shakes underneath your hits.
    She curbs underneath your touch
    And her pretty face lined with your bloody fist.

    Oh! The furious beast in man,
    Beat your chest and lurge on your prey,
    Since her meekness and strength can't fight back,
    Give her a red Rose to beautify her scars
    Buy her a Black stetillo to walk in.

    To walk her way to your raging heart of unforgiven sins,
    Buy her a cup of icecream to melt and sweeten her brusies,
    Her black face filled with pain said to noone,
    Yet tear her legs in the middle of the night,
    To go drown in her.

    Tell no man I said these words to you,
    After her sad souls lies beneath a thousands souls,
    Maybe buried in graveyards,
    Each time you take her on a journey to hell.
    Walk her through hells holding her shaky fingers,
    The daughter of Apinke, the coal seller.. 

    Her skin dried up With the scars you inflicted on her,
    Her silent cries when you tie her up each night.
    Oh! Sailer of the angry sea coast,
    Drown in the furious sea or die in the coldest region,
    She prays with her suffering womanhood,
    May he not return home,
    Back to our home, the one we built with saliva and body juice.

    For she suffereth in her silence,
    Tell her to waken her angel,
    He is sleeping to deep and drowning in his dreams,
    It is time to take a flight oh Angel.
    Now is the time to fly away.

    Written by:
    Ajani. Oyin

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