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    Sunday, 17 September 2017

    Stay Happy by Wordsmithpraise | Sunday Special


    Stay happy,
    Forget the sorrows of yesterday,
    Let the wind blow away your burden,
    Forget the suffering of today,
    Let the rain wash away your problems.

    Stay happy,
    Depression isn't the way out,
    Confinement won't take away the pain,
    Loneliness wouldn't ease your burning soul,
    Don't hold on to the past.

    Stay happy,
    I can't take seeing you sad,
    It hurts to watch you wallow in misery,
    I can't withstand your constant scream,
    It hurts to hear you cry continuously.

    Stay happy,
    For the sorrow and pain shall pass away,
    For the hole in your heart shall seize to exist,
    For happiness await your lonely soul,
    For joy knocks at your door awaiting your response.

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