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    Wednesday, 6 September 2017

    Speechless; Words Are All We Have

    imagine, your life is connected to a tree
    where anything you speak
    or any of your deeds
    signify the dropping of its leaves..
    and the last drop, takes you to forever sleep..
    what words would flow through your lips?
    what would be your personality...?
    "Hey!, you watch your tongue"
    "they might be what you live"
    .."shhh...they are mine not yours"
    "let me be free"
    "Hey!, be careful of your actions"
    "they might make you bleed"
    "excuse me!, they are my decisions"
    "i chose to make the world see"
    who is a man?
    one with colossal muscles
    or barrel-chest?
    perhaps one who is herculean
    or gorgeously lanky
    probably one with the highest sword
    or the cowards lungs,
    ready for a thick run
    at the storms of life.
    I have seen several of his kind,
    they claim to be the warriors of the land
    but rather like to tamper with the flesh of a woman.
    they only speak words of lies,
    corrupting to the eyes
    and tarnishing the integrity of their lives.
    They are those,
    that loves to bite their fingers in regret
    and at the grey's of their hairs
    sit and weep to their doleful life's spent.
    they planned only in their heads
    at the youth of their years
    and embraced the arms of procrastination,
    or probably wrong actions.
    I remember sitting at his feat,
    just to fold arms and listen
    to his words of life and spirit
    he said
    "Let a man, know his words can make him
    let him know his actions can also break him
    a perfect blend of the two,
    could solve more than half of life's struggles".
    But the madness of the century today,
    finds joy in absurd actions,
    where rights and wrongs
    no longer speak for a man's integrity,
    and the lips stained from its purity.
    a lord in the dark,
    helps the youth and teens,
    to live with hidden marks,
    on their hands and faces.
    let not your tongue,
    strike you first,
    before your thoughts,
    would make up sense.
    let not your actions,
    be the robber that kills,
    before you decide on the right life pathways..

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