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    Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Solitary confinement | Poetry

    Never said a word,
    Never uttered a sound,
    He was alone in the world,
    The four walls of his solitary confinement.
    The Length and breath of the campus he walked,
    The places they hung out, he stalked

    He was not seen,
    Music only kept him from sin.
    His mind was a mess
    He would think even in the toilet.
    Momma called him with a hiss;
    He shook off his fantasy,
    He was out of their league
    And lived his reality!

    He didn't wear the designer clothes,
    He felt being clean was enough.
    They shouted loudly the prices of their shoes;
    He'd push on with a huff.
    To start the walks again.
    She was standing there, eyes as big as the moon and shone twice as bright!
    Her face was his mirror into the future!

    The reflection of his never ending dream.
    He was gonna get it! He was gonna get it for his bright-eyed Princess..
    Lagoon Front, his meeting point with his spirit self,
    His eyes saw what his heart had feared.
    She locked lips with another man,
    Designer clothes and shoes were it after all.

    Written by: Ehimen


    1. "The places they hung out, he stalked."
      My favorite line!
      Love this! More ink to your pen. No, more energy to your fingers!!😃

    2. Aaaaaah designer clothes iyaff win ����
      Nice one bro. Captivating stuff ����