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    Wednesday, 6 September 2017

    [Short Story] I Apologize

    I'm sorry your colors do not suit me,.
    I'm sorry neither of your sun shines appears bright to be,.
    so I apologize 
    I apologize for too much becoming myself and not what you want me to be,
    I apologize for bitter I have become and no longer your honey,.
    I'm sorry 
    I'm sorry your true colors were not on my rainbow,.
    I'm  sorry that I have to write this to let you go,.
    I apologize 
    I apologize for leaving and living with you,.
    I apologize for choosing you among the few,.
    I apologize for loving you at my Utmost,.
    I apologize that inside you I got lost,
    I'm sorry 
    i still mourn you until today 
    But then you are like a Past Night

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