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    Friday, 15 September 2017

    {Romance Story} THE DIARY OF A VIRGIN BOY - 6.0

    The Billion dollar question, 'Who the hell was that? ' I wanted to scream hit her hard across the face and yell like they do in one of those Taylor Swift music videos but I let it slide.
    "Hey babe," she blinked her eye. 

    "I'm here, " I responded as I hid her phone in my pocket. I laid beside her and wrapped my hands around her body. She reclined upon me and slept off once more.

    I couldn't wave the thoughts running through my mind. Having seen that picture, I've felt this hole in my heart slowly eating me up like a tumor.

    The next morning was awfully quiet as I sat down on the dining table eating and thinking about my next action. 

    "Hey babe, why are you awfully quiet this morning?"
    I guess she didn't read me well enough to know how I was feeling. She came closer and snapped her fingers before my face to bring me back to reality.

    I stared at her, what do i say to her? I thought.
    Who the hell is my number? Why did he send you a dick pic?
    Nah! I just smiled and kissed her forehead.
    "Nothing's wrong, I'm just really hungry this morning," I responded, I lied as I took my leave from the dining table.

    While she took her bathe, I went through her phone messages and found his address on her phone, I scribbled it down on my notepad. And quickly Slid her phone back into her bag.
    It's time I paid this son of a bitch a visit. What the hell does he have to do with my girlfriend. 

    "My girlfriend?" I nearly said out loud. It was cringeworthy to think about. Whatever!

    Written by Ayomide O'tega and Praise Osawaru

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