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    Sunday, 3 September 2017

    {Poetry} THINKING ALOUD by Queerly Pen

    It was a rough and tumble with my heart
    Only me could feel the intense heat
    Just like a pendulum Bob I divagate
    Straying my whole self with thought
    I murmur the words to myself
    The jargon meant for my mind dove
    Yes, yes ,yes I spoke and swerve
    I gave the questions and the response
    And even in my bed I talked to life
    All day and night the thought was alive
    Seem like am loosing it in a jiffy
    Because to myself I laugh
    If she wasn't that palm tree like
    How could thoughts of her be evergreen
    That makes me so mesmerized
    Like the spell was from a deity
    Jide! Jide! my friend calls in dismay
    All the thought of my heart he heard
    All the sweetening feeling I said unconscious
    Could it be the lost love I've found
    When in my songs , you'd hear her
    And in my dream she is there
    The beautiful OMOGE that is an heir
    And on my throne I wanted her here
    The AREWA that deafens my Ear
    That I spill out emotions without fear
    Of a prey that hangs in the air
    Because all I saw and thought was her
    That thought that was too much for my heart
    And with the blood flow it compete
    Occludes some of the veins going to the heart
    Out of enthusiasm I mussitate
    That kind of feeling is so rare
    That makes you loose all air
    And food appetite disappear
    It's a feeling of no end
    For some special people
    And some special moment
    Those muse that never cease
    And you find yourself thinking aloud
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      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
    ©Queerly pen

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