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    Wednesday, 27 September 2017

    Poetry 101: There's No Such Thing As A Perfect Piece.

    Poetry 101 There's No Such Thing As A Perfect Piece.

    Writers and poets have this same misconception. I for one have pondered as to whether or not a perfect piece exist. Many poets bother themselves saying "I know it's not perfect but I tried" others are like "What a perfect piece!"

    A poet being better than another doesn't make his piece perfect. We all strive towards perfection.

    Whenever I think of this it reminds me of a poem written by @Minasthoughts, it goes thus,

    "The best works take time to be perfect", they'd say.
    What if I don't want to be perfect?
    No what ifs.

    I can't be perfect.
    I don't want to be the girl who seems to have it all under control.
    I don't want to be the girl with the hottest boyfriend, the latest shoes, bags and clothes and who drives luxury convertibles.
    I don't want to be the slay queen they think I am.

    I want to be the girl with the messy bun.
    Vintage clothes. Chapped nails.
    No makeup and glasses girl.
    I want to have the Imperfect boyfriend so I won't be disappointed when he breaks my heart.
    I want to be the girl without a silver spoon
    The girl who no one notices but has a lot up her sleeves.

    That's who I want to be.
    Just because perfection is overrated.
    We're not meant to be perfect.
    We're meant to be whole.

    Having read this, it's understandable that your piece isn't mean to be perfect but rather whole.

    I once wrote a poem and gave a fellow poet for review, guess what he said?
    "I feel like there's something missing."
    What he meant was that, my piece wasn't whole.
    Your piece is meant to be whole, completely bearing everything required to pass on the message.

    If you throw every poem you write into the trash can because you think it's not perfect, I'm sorry but you'd not publish any poem anytime soon.

    In one sentence,
    Your piece isn't mean to be perfect, it's meant to be whole.
    Drop your thoughts within the comment section.
    Written by:
    Praise Osawaru


    1. I love this! Poetry is one of my favorite ways of expressing my feelings and I have learned it can never be perfect!