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    Thursday, 7 September 2017


    My mind was so darken:
    Walking through the light,
    I was called a blind man
    For my heart had long ago
    Gone for exile with no trace
    Due to numerous heart breaks that form arches
    And I couldn't figure out what they were saying
    B'cos I was blind and dumb
    On trying to have a sensitivity toward their intuition,
    I felt down on the ground
    With my face covered with sand from their feet
    Lifting up my face , I felt a ray of  light
    Penetrating so deep into my heart
    And I was a new creature
    That swim in likeness and love
    Of whom no knowledge about
    I was told you were nothing in the eyes of men
    But seeing you coming, in my eyes,
    A perfect porter
    That swept and packed my shattered heart
    With a little of water of love to mix
    Moulded me back to life with a heart
    And breathed love and affection into me;
    By teaching me how to feel, to love and beloved again
    For I that has been a prisoner
    In the prison of loneliness
    Living for decades of years without light of love
    Suddenly came to love and learn to love
    By planting a seed that someday
    With love, yield to a growing tree
    That will spring up flowers
    And to produce unending tasteful fruits
    You place me in sempiternal gladness
    For I will forever swim in eternal glory
    To build on our fantastic memory
    It's my only desires
    And I hope that's yours too
    B'cos how I find brightness
    After so long stayed in darkness
    Is a miracle that only the heart can tell.
    By Asuquo Samuel
    © 2017

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