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    Sunday, 3 September 2017

    Nobody, Anybody, Somebody

    That's it, my grouping of people who ever existed in every sector on this planet Earth. Educational,socially,spiritually and any ly.

    'Nobody' is a cypher a person with no influence , some call them nonentity, they are not considered worthy as human they just exist for the sake of it. They might be disregarded during census.
    We all know these category of people they are mostly Mad people, people of no substance.
    Even the first few months we were born we were actually nobody because we had no influence.
    The people in this category are few. Because most migrate within some period of time.

    'ANYBODY' one out of several kinds of it, yes it is the most populated group of people and most belong there,
    Students... Any student
    Teachers... Any teacher
    Writer.... Any writer
    Footballer... Any footballer
    Talk of any area or sector you always find people of the same kind

    'SOMEBODY' A specific person, singled out, distinct, quality.
    I can keep qualifying, this category is the populated few ,yes these are category of people that have proved their worth and represent their distinctness.
    Someone who stand out of the group

    Out of all farmers, Dangote singled out
    Out of all, Microsoft made Bill gate singled out
    Wole Soyinka singled out of writers and so on.

    ................. .  anybody
                ....    Somebody

    A simple illustration of the population

    There are much more competition being anybody, you'd never get noticed and you'd surely follow orders,
    Anything you accept
    Any thing you do
    You are never in total control
    And you can easily be substituted, why because your impact is a generalized form.

    The only noticeable peoples are the.
    Nobody's.... Negatively
    Somebody's.... Positively

    The more you keep out of trouble
    The more you run from risk
    The more you fear stepping on toes
    And much more neutral
    You just remain as nobody
    And those somebody's would direct you for life.
    I tell you being anybody no one would reckon you though it's a cold one with little peace.
    It ain't a crime but you'd later have to live based on induced fate.

    Until you strive to become somebody

    I tell you all nouns are not proper noun.

    Every beans is a bean but honey beans had the honey, that made it expensive

    Until you start viewing and imagining the VIP in you, you'd just be regularly regular.

    It's time to move out of the crowds
    Its time to exploit
    Time to take the sword
    Stop being a mediocre
    Seek out the distinctness in you

    How, very easy
    Find what you love
    Learn To learn
    Follow your instinct
    Flow with time.

    I am somebody because I have a Queerly pen, lolz

    _Best of men are still men_
      + 2348033854010
      ©Queerly pen

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