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    Sunday, 3 September 2017

    [New Post] Who Used Who?

    After reading through one of my previous write up *Sex Kini big deal*, I felt there are still much more to complete that I almost forgot till now.
    'He used me'
    One of the most annoying remark by ladies after breaking up with a guy.
    On a serious note , who used who????

    Dear ladies am about to fuck you up with some truth.
    You used him instead
    Imagine after strafing you as hard as he could, you are still not satisfied, you want him to go five rounds non stop. Abeg are you dating a SEX MACHINE
    Imagine the airtime he always use to call you for hours,that you believe it was his responsibility.
    On his birthday, he would spend on you
    On your birthday, he must still spend on you
    He should be there all the time to give you strength, even though he goes through inner turbulence, he must always appear strong
    And all you say is 'that's why he is a man.'
    He takes all risk here and then and after break up your are so confident to say HE USED YOU
    Sister indeed YOU USED HIM, yes you used him to get all you wanted.
    Even if it comes down to sex matter, do you know he looses energy equivalent to running a mile upon ejaculation  while you enjoy the protein constituent???
    If He used you in the aspect of sex, he should have raped you or molested you. But if its a mutual agreement, you have no right to claim being used.
    Don't you think it sounds mediocre to claim someone used you but in the real fact most of the advantages of relationship are on you girls.
    I once advise my friend, have sex with him only if you want to also not because you wanna satisfy him, before you start claiming he used you.
    'Sex is not love'
    *Mutual agreement is not being used*
    If you possess the extra oil and also add value to him, you won't feel dumped and escaping your flaws to utter the statement he used you.
    This crazy stuff must stop, if it's all about sex no one used you if it is based on mutual agreement.
    And guys also, stop being like the wood pecker, don't just go down there with any girl you don't really want fucking too much. Don't forget they have a lower self esteem and feeble mind. Just be true with her and don't make her feel used.
    But babe no one used you
    If there is any form of being used
    You used him
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      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
    ©Queerly pen

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