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    Tuesday, 12 September 2017

    MANY YEARS AGO | Happy Birthday Praise Osawaru

    This poem dedicated to Praise Osawaru (wordsmithpraise) for another year alive, Hale and healthy.
    Many years ago,
    A great man was born,
    Many years ago,
    A great leader came to life,
    Many years ago,
    Earth received a priceless gift,
    Many years go,
    Earth welcomed an innovative character.
    Many years ago,
    An endless ink emerged,
    Many years ago,
    An Impactful personality surfaced,
    Many years ago,
    A creative mind was conceived,
    Many years ago,
    A Loving being was birthed.
    Join us in wishing CEO Wordmsithpraise.com a Happy Birthday, and impactful and prosperous life.
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