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    Thursday, 7 September 2017

    [Love Story] THIS IS REAL LOVE

    I didn't mean to stir at you like a bat
    It wasn't my aim to fall in love with you
    I tried too many times to ignore my feelings for you
    I tried to ignore your well crafted art on earth and gifted hip You are the one for me Its hard for me to deny you when you flip Night and day,
    Your accent renders symphony
    I keep thinking about you in harmony
    Its tough to live a day without seeing your lovely face
    Your voice takes me down in pace
    Deep to the world of peace
    You are my angel in disguise
    Every time you come to my heart like a guard
    My heart jumps with joy
    Every step I take means a lot when
    I'm with you my joy I'm lost around you, like a toy
    Please show me the way to your sweet heart
    Give me your time, I promise I wont waste it on earth
    Being your friend kills me dead Mary know all your flip flops,
    Give me a chance to mend your broken wings I fell in love with the way you sing
    I can fly fast to wipe your hurtful tears It hurts when I see you cry in fear.

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