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    Sunday, 3 September 2017

    [Love Story] THE MIND OF A SICK LOVER - 1.0

    How could he! The effrontery he had to show the world another woman baffled her.  She had left her parent to be with her loving Eric, but he loved someone else?
    She pushed the plate rack from the slab and laughed as the plates crashed to the floor. She didn't mind that everything broke, instead, she delighted in it. Her rage was insatiable and so she pushed the mug tray next, she picked up a knife and imagined Eric in front of her. She stabbed the imaginary Eric and cut herself in the process. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she recalled their last conversation.

    "I have always considered you my best friend Yvonne, " Eric said
    Yvonne looked at him as tears threatened to spill from her eyes and said,
    "no, you love me Eric, that's why we've been living together for years"
    "Yvonne, you told me your parents threw you out cause you rebelled, I couldn't let you stay on the streets"

    "but you love me right? Tell me you love me Eric, " she said, holding on to him
    "yes Yvonne, but as a friend, not a lover, that's why I have never told you I love you, never have I ever touched you"
    "no, you needed space after your mum died, I was giving you space."
    "Yvonne, I moved on since, I love someone else
    "no Eric, you love me dammit!
    "Yvonne, I'll leave you to sleep off this infatuation, I'll come back when you're settled "

    He had not come back since the previous day, and now, he had showed  another woman to the world on TV, her Eric was gone.  She looked at the knife and stabbed herself.
    Eric entered just as she hit the floor. His kitchen utensils were soaked in her blood, while she lay in between the rubble. She looked at him and with pain in her eyes, she said, "I love you Eric,  forever. "

    She closed her eyes and Eric held her dead body for a long time, crying.
    His best friend was gone.

     by Temil

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