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    Friday, 8 September 2017


    Secret Revealed.
    "I'm a Murderer Jude," said to himself as he stared deeply into the mirror. His eyes glowed red, a thought came to him, he realized he'd been possessed by that demon even though the ritual wasn't completed.
    He took a knife and decided to stab himself In the throat, probably he could send the demon out. As he drove the knife forward toward but he hand hung in the air, like his body was rejecting the command from his brain.
    He dropped the knife, he went to his room. He ran out of thoughts and began hitting his head on the wall until he started bleeding and finally passed out.
    He woke up at the top of a skyscraper half naked. Shirtless and on a pajamas trousers with bare foot. He looked around but no one wants there, he walked to the edge of the rooftop, he almost tripped.
    Hell! It was crazily high, 'How the hell did I get here?"
    I brought you here a man said from behind.
    A white hairy man with dreadlocks walked closer to him. "You tried to kill yourself,why would you do that? " he asked.
    "To stop myself from doing something I'd regret."
    "You mean killing those bullies?" he raised his eyebrow.
    Jude realized he was talking to the demon himself, he moved backward hitting off his hands from his face.
    "Don't come closer." he said
    "Haha, or what? You're gonna jump? He teased.
    Jude turned around closed his eyes and stood on the edge of the rooftop claiming he'd jump off if he came closer.
    The demon moved nearer, Jude fell backward 
    To the ground. He yelled as he dropped 60 stories down. 

    "Ahh!" Jude yelled as he was thrown back into reality. "Phew" it was just a dream." he said. 
    He shook off the feeling and went to school. 

    He met the detective at school, he was investigating the murder of the students who died. 
    As Jude saw him, his heart skipped a beat. He approached him and greeted him. The detective asked about his well being. They had à Nice conversation. 

    As Jude was about to cross to thé other side of the road, he was hit by a fast approaching vehicle Fa using him to tumble upon the group .

    The detective ran to his aid, surprisingly Jude exhaled, coming back to life. His eyes glowed red, the detective was shocked to see this. 

    He finally understood, the battle wasn't over. 



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