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    Monday, 4 September 2017


    Wordsmithpraise: Good morning, May we know you?
    Louisa: My name Louisa Solomon
    A student of the University of Lagos
    200L Geology

    Wordsmithpraise: What prompted you to start writing and since when have you been writing?
    Louisa: Don't know the exact age but I started writing short stories before I was 10, at that time it was just a means to pass time as I am the only child.

    Wordsmithpraise: What drives you or inspires you to write?
    Louisa: My daily interaction with people.Sometimes a word just gets stuck in my head and I write an entire piece around that word.

    Wordsmithpraise: Have you won any poetry contest or writing contest ever?
    Louisa: No, I haven't

    Wordsmithpraise: Where do you see yourself Some years from now?
    Louisa: A see myself with my Masters in Science degree in Geology.
    A computer programmer with a lot of experience.
    A motivational speaker.
    A few books with my name as the Author.

    Wordsmithpraise: You must really love writing then?
    Louisa: Not really.
    But I love reading a lot.
    So most times I write what I would love to read.

    Wordsmithpraise: Would you like to have your works published here?
    Louisa: Yes I would

    Wordsmithpraise: Thank you for your time.

    Here's A little something from Louisa.
    World of Deceit

    This world is just one big misdirection,
    Some have mouths that can say two things at a time,
    Most people have evil intention,
    You do not need them all
    You just need a few to love you with no impure intention

    ©$ol_daro Speaks

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