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    Monday, 11 September 2017

    INNOCENT DAYS | A short story by Queerly Pen.

    If you ask me the truest form of this word
    Looking deeper into this wicked world
    I'd tell you they were my days in the womb
    And days I'd spend in the tomb
    But there were still days I considered fitting
    Days all I do was without worrying
    When I was considered ignorant
    Of both the worst and the best
    When I wish I could hold the candle's light
    And wanna take the food from the TV advert
    They were days I made my first mistakes
    Just because I was naive
    They were days we threw stone to kill the chicks
    And beat them dead with long stick
    Because they peck our food with their mother hen
    Not knowing we were killing the future Xmas chicken
    Days when the head was considered blank
    And any new thing we learn with all psyche
    And all we wanna do is just learn
    Without knowing the repercussion
    Days when sweet things were happiness indication
    And what made us sad and wail were punishments and cane
    Those were days with zero complication
    And what we worry about were only food and nutrition
    Days when I had to break the TV screen
    With a stick because of the pain
    Making a young lad cry in the movie
    Because I wanna hit the man and get for the kid revenge
    Not knowing it was just playacting
    And none was considered truly happening
    Then I had to receive several lashes from Baba
    Because we had no chance to view the TV the next second
    They were days I was scared of my shadow
    And cry and try to cut its head with a saw
    Not knowing it was just a reflection of me
    Until I learn my physics till wave
    Those days I don't care of what's between my legs
    And fling them around to any edge
    Not until I started disallowing mom from taking my bath
    And cover myself with wrappers and blanket
    Those days I don't care about anyone but me
    And nothing was great enough to cause me rue
    When my dad laugh, I show my teeth
    When my mom cries I join her with it
    Days I detest anyone who scold me
    And anyone who cares and pet, I love
    For I never knew I'm prone to error
    Days all I had in my skull was raw
    Days I wanna copy whatever I see you do
    And wanna say words after you
    Just because I saw a new thing
    Until Naked electric cable did me strong thing
    They were days of our growing up against odds
    When we eat with both hands.
    And use both hands to watch our butt
    When to our shoes we prefer bare foot
    We were once at the innocent stage
    We are result of the hands that parent us at that age
    And how those first line mistakes were addressed
    Were what I'd call our made or mold
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    ©Queerly pen

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