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    Sunday, 10 September 2017

    Innocent but Guilty | Poetry | Tdhayor

    I loved so much, so I pushed so hard.
    How would I have known it would I had known it would earn me your carrion?
    I cared so much, your tasks I add
    How would I in this guilt carry on?
    I thought I was doing you a favor,
    Turns out it landed you in the world beyond.
    Now you've become my paresthesia.
    A pain that can't be cured even by anaesthesia.
    It was an innocent act,
    But I'm termed "A Guardian Vulture"
    For I mistakenly lured you towards your grave.
    Even in my innocence, my guilt glitters.
    Written and Composed by
    *Olufowokan Temidayo Onyinye*
    IG: *Tdhayor*
    9th September 2017.
    *All rights reserved*

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