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    Friday, 1 September 2017

    Independent but Ignorant

    Agbada and buba was our own
    Covering our head to toe no boobs would be shown
    Until the whites came on throne
    And in the bin our culture was thrown

    Leaf and herbs never failed
    Our old were strong and Hale
    Our forefathers could tell the tale
    Our power came from a little leaf and horse tail
    Now our Young are frail
    Because the white we trail

    Our skin was thick and dark
    No strong code we couldn't crack
    Until the foreigners called us black
    And we got jealous of Thier white back

    Ogun the god of iron
    With sango support we could kill a lion
    Remember how eledumare lifted mountains like nylon
    And esu gave us the power over pythons

    All these were gone when the whites came with a coat
    They destroyed our culture and made us break our oath
    We raised swords of war against our selves instead of a palm wine toast
    We stopped believing in our self and strength and made the whites drag us from coast to coast
    Like chicken our shrine we did roast

    And evil befell us in the name of politics
    Our 'obas' and 'ijoyes' have been compared with sticks
    Like a car without battery they couldn't kick
    They had sold their powers to the powerless in exchange for an umbrella they thought they were slick
    Till we embrace our culture and leave the whites tradition then we would find answers we seek

    *By korede*

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