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    Monday, 11 September 2017

    I CAN'T LET GO OF YOU | Poetry | Samuel Asuquo


    We've  gone far than imagination
    And so close than dreams and thoughts
    We've disprove the law of addition in mathematics
    By adding a soul and a soul to become a soul
    The pulses from our hearts is controlled by our actions
    For if we ever dare misinterpret our heart's drum beat, is death
    The brightness of  the sun is gloomy in our eyes
    All b'cos the ray of light from both eyes supersede that of the sun
    The moon is crying for a recognition
    Because you're the moon in my eyes and same I am in yours
    Since I've found you, the stars has been so jealous of you
    Because its twinkle has been overshadowed by the twinkling of your smiles
    Every time I looked at a mirror, the mirror has a reflection of you
    Even when the mirror is broken, I saw nothing but a complete image of you
    My shadow is your image, its follows me wherever I go, even when I fell into water
    You became wet all b'cos your shadow is mine and mine is yours
    How can I let go of you?, when my world is yours and yours is mine
    And if I do as you said, that will be our end and this is not what we wanted
    Please don't give up your strength to your weakness
    And ridicule the long time believe you put in me for I've promise to hold you close than ever
    For we've gone far than imagination
    And so close than dreams and thoughts
    By Asuquo Samuel
    © 2017

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