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    Friday, 22 September 2017

    How To Turn Lust Into Love by BWriteword

    Close your eyes
    and fall into the colour of your shadow,
    Shut it still, hold tight,
    When you loose, slowly,
    Let your heart be hungry for her
    because she's a meal, a real meat,
    And as you behold her;
    The moon broken into halves, Rotating on her chest,
    Lick your lips, smile,
    Blink your eyes seven times in a second,
    Poke your craving with a needle,
    Let it begin to cry,

    Then open your mouth to talk
    but drown quickly in a river
    of speechlessness,
    Say nothing, not anything,
    She'll understand-
    She always do.

    As she gaits gently about,
    Throw your eyes like discuss beneath her ribs-
    Straight into her belly button;
    It's a safe house
    (where your mind is always at peace with...)
    Use your lips to rub off any dust there,
    Then clear your throat
    and proceed to her thighs,
    Repeat it again and don't stop,
    Note: she's been lying
    spontaneously for a surgery,
    Although not in a ward,
    Not even within walls,
    But in the firmament of your mind.

    She may want to resist with ego at first,
    But as her doctor, glide with gentility;
    It's in your constitution, your ethics,
    So be gentle like green, like grace
    because to fight the beast sometimes,
    One needs to be an angel,
    So be mild, yet wild.
    As you clean,
    Remember to reach the soldier's spot;
    The clitoris,
    Some call it 'the spot of death'-
    A spot to kill and heal at once,
    But even death is a gate to hereafter,
    So she won't die and not wake,
    Thus, feel free and clean,
    If she asks you to stop, ignore,
    Because she didn't mean it,
    Go on and clean, kill, heal, feel, with glee,
    Feel good as you generously clean her
    till you hear a voice-
    A voice that makes no sound,
    But it comes like wind sometimes,
    Other times like fire that doesn't burn.

    When you hear that voice,
    Rub your forehead with your palm,
    Shut your eyes once again
    but this time don't see your shadow,
    See a flake of snow rather,
    Shut it still, hold tight,
    When you loose, slowly,
    Open your eyes and behold her;
    A goddess of sanity, of purity.

    As you behold her ravishing beauty,
    Smile and allow the redolence
    of her perfume plunge your pride,
    Once this is done,
    Walk up to her like a king
    and bury these words in her ears:
    "For real, please Be My Wife."


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