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    Tuesday, 5 September 2017


            Relationships are awesome and sweet, but sometimes they can be hectic and lead to breakup, sometimes this breakup doesn’t hurt, only thing different is the fact that you’re now single. But sometimes it’s otherwise, you feel alone even though you have friends around, your days become longer and nights become way more silent, and you just want it all to end with a snap of a finger, but unlucky you, you’re not a vampire, you can’t switch off your humanity (or can you?)
           I’ve been where you are, I know exactly how you feel and I’ll share with you four simple ways I was able to pull myself back up and move on.
           So grab a popcorn, switch off the lights, sit back and relax your mind. Let’s get started

            First thing you need to know is that its okay to feel hurt, it shows you’re only human, only robots don’t have feelings (except in that one Indian movie) so stop pretending to be okay, why smile to the outside world while you’re dying inside, it’s not healthy for you mentally or physically, you have to come to terms with the fact that he/she is gone and you need to move on. So get yourself a bucket and pour it all out (I meant that figuratively, you don’t actually need to get a bucket). Also share your feelings with your best friend without holding back any bit. Research reveals that putting feelings into words makes sadness and anger less intense, so go for it.


          I know this sounds intense, but you need to cut ties with your ex for some time while you get yourself back up, even if you both agree to remain friends. But let’s not kid ourselves, that is easier said than done. So get rid of the number, quit stalking their social media, and take a few steps away from their friends or anything that reminds you of him/her.


          Staying indoor all day watching movies or playing with your phone doesn’t help you, remember you have friends that still care about you, you have a life that still needs to be lived, so get up and get busy, visit friends, take pictures, make a video, go shopping, the list keeps going, do anything that gets you out of the house, you never know, you might just discover something new (or someone new *wink*wink*).


          Don’t go around hating your ex, and spreading stories all the bad times you had in the relationship, remember you also had good times, don’t have fun just so your ex could see you happy without them. Be true to yourself or you might never be truly happy. Remember GET UP, GET AROUND and HAVE FUN.

     Of course there are more ways but these are the basics. So wipe those tears and try it.


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