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    Tuesday, 5 September 2017


    Hey Romeo, so for the past few days (or more) there have been this particular girl that just conveniently finds her way around you messing up your thinking process and you want to tell her exactly how she makes you feel but you’re scared you might be rejected or worse - FRIENDZONED. Or you just don’t know how to approach her and be so perfect that even before asking, she already said yes. Well fear not, you’ve made your way to the write place (see what I did there?)
              After years of research and interviewing my grandpa getting to know how he swept my grandma off her feet, I’ve finally been able to put together six ways to get that girl of your dreams just like my grandpa did. But if you prefer to wait till that moment when you’ll be walking down the hall and you ‘mistakenly’ bump into her spilling her books then looking into each other’s eye in slow motion, well you’ll probably die a virgin. I’m just saying
            But if you can’t wait that long, here are six ways guaranteed is going to get you that girl

           This is like the most important part of the process, 98% of people will tell you this (well I’m no genius but I know that is a lot of numbers). My grandpa never borrowed Gucci to impress my grandma neither should you, be who you really her, don’t go overboard trying to impress her, make do with what you have, and if she is still not feeling you, then she is not the one for you, or you’re not doing it right.

           Even you have to know this, girls love compliments, they love when you appreciate what they’ve spent hours even eternity doing to their body. So good news for you brother, you can use that to your advantage. Don’t wait till there is something to sprout up a conversation between you, start by appreciating her hair, cloth or fashion sense. Side note, they love when someone notice something that most people don’t, so look out for that. But don’t overdo it like saying “did you fall inside sugar because you’re looking sweet” (lmao) that is too cheesy brother, don’t do it

          Which brings us to the third step, that funny but smart pick-up lines, even I blush when a guy does it, and I’m not gay, so imagine you approaching her with those lines, guaranteed she is yours. Except she has no sense of humour, then you’re on your own. Examples of this pick-up lines are;
    ·         I’m not a photographer but I can picture me and you together
    ·         I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?
    ·         Can I take your picture to prove to my friends that angels do exist?
    You can search for more, but like I have been saying, don’t overdo it and don’t start a conversation with it. Follow the steps.

         For reasons unknown, girls love laughing at guys, they love it when their man makes silly mistakes, they think it’s cute, so share with her those experience that makes you feel goofy and clumsy. Talk about your experience with a customer service or when you were lost and you couldn’t find your way home. This shows her that you’re comfortable with who you are and how positive you are in problematic scenarios.

         Yes, food. The widest road to a woman’s heart is through food, women love free food, and they certainly love who brought about that food. For real, you can’t tell me that all your years on earth, a girl have not asked you to buy her something to eat, not even snacks, not possible. So ask to buy her lunch or just surprise her with snacks, she will gradually fall for you even without her knowing.

       So there you have it, the six golden steps on how to get that girl you so desperately desire, so go out there and make daddy proud. But if after everything she still not feeling the vibe, I guess you have to settle with bumping into her and looking into her eyes in slow motion.


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