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    Saturday, 2 September 2017

    {Horror Story} LISTEN CHAPTER TEN

    "MY PLANS"


    "I've been out there doing what you told me to," Detective responded. He grabbed a bandage and scotch, poured it upon the surface and wrapped.

    "You got attacked by dogs?"
    "Hard to believe huh?" Detective stated.
    "Not entirely."
    "I've been wanting to tell you this but there are some supernatural things at work here. Since the murder or the Dickson's."

    Captain chuckled and patted the detective.
    " I think this little incident has scrambled with your mind. Why don't you take the day off?"
    John held his hands, "this isn't a joke, I'm damn serious."

    "We need to bring in Mrs Mark for questioning."
    "Geez, you still got that thought."
    "I'm serious though."

    Officer Tom walked in, "sir we got a 911 call."


    Opening the front door, one could see Vivian laying dead on the floor, blood spilled over the floor. Looking forward you'd see Jude's dad with his head faced backwards.

    Surely, this was something unnatural, yet Captain held firm to his unbelief in the supernatural.
    "What the hell happened here?" he asked.
    "Beats me," Detective John responded.
     "Another unexplainable occurrence." he added

    *         *          *

    Jude was strapped to a chair at Mrs Mark basement.
    She was sitting opposite him with tray of cookies in her hands.
    "Would you like to have some?"
    "How am I sure it's not poisoned?"
    She laughed, "if I wanted you dead, I'd have killed you along with your parents." she responded.
    "What exactly do you want from me?"
    "I don't want anything from you, I need you. Surely you know the difference between want and need." she dipped a cookie into her mouth, chewing it slowly.

    Jude gulped, "What do I have that you possibly need?"
    "You were fated to die and yet here you are alive and breathing. Not everyone suddenly comes back from the dead."

    "So that makes me special?" Jude queried.
    "It makes you Unique and precious. That's why I need you. You see, this body I posses is weak and incapable of harnessing my spirit. I need someone who's body possess the unique ability." she explained.

    "Are you insinuating you're gonna jump into me?"
    "Oh, what a smart boy you are! Get ready for the Transmission ceremony." she exited the room.

    "Fuck! I thought this only happens in the movies."

    *          *           *

    She soon came back with a bowl and a knife. She sprinkles salt around Jude, forming a circle. She was about to commence the transmission ceremony.

    She cut her palm and bleed unto the bowl, approached Jude and forced him to drink some. She had some her self and then began incantations.
    The weather changed, lightning struck, thunder rumbled, The windows opened.

    *        *           *

    "Why the sudden weather change?"
    "You tell me," Detective John responded.
    They arrived at Mrs Mark's home, following the suggestion of the detective. He knocked before the door but no one opened.

    A storm soon started out of thing hair and the wind blew firmly.

    The detective opened the door, he heard voices coming from the basement. He recognized Jude's voice.

    "Jude's here!" he yelled heading towards the basement .
    "Who the hell is Jude?" Captain asked.

    Jude yelled as his chair began to float in the air. Suddenly, a shadow surfaced from behind Mrs mark and approached Jude, it merged with his.
    His eyes turned red.

    The detective barged in, saw Mr Mark with knife still chanting and Jude screaming. He fired a shot at her, she dropped dead.

    *         *          *

    "Jude, are you okay?"
    "Detective, I'm fine, my parents."
    "They are dead," he responded.

    "This is some crazy shit," Captain stated. He called the station and requested some officers meet him to clean up the mess.

    Detective John untied Jude, Jude looked at the mirror, his eyes glowed red.
    "Jude?" Detective called.
    "huh?" he looked back at the mirror, his eyes wasn't red anymore.


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