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    Saturday, 2 September 2017

    {Horror Story} LISTEN - CHAPTER NINE


    Detective John was bleeding profusely from his left arm. Gosh! He feared he could get infected, who knows what kinda dog bit him. And it bit deep into his flesh.

    "Ah," he yelled. He unknotted his tie and wrapped it around his arm, in hopes of minimizing the rate of blood exiting his hairy arm.

    The dogs barked louder, he could feel them still positioned at the windows side, probably restricted from leaving the house.


    "You wish to know who I am? I am an embodiment of evil, you cannot even comprehend my existence."
    Jude muffled, trying to break free the hold she had over him.

    He noticed a glass vase nearby, grasped it and hit it on her head then made his way out of the restroom.
    "Mum! Dad!" Jude yelled as he made his way downstairs.

    "What's the problem?!" his parents yelled. They were on the couch watching TV as he interrupted them.
    "She's coming!" he grasped their hands and reached for the front door but it refused to grant them passage.
    "And they say am merciless," she stated behind them.

    They turned around to see woman standing before then with shards on her hair.
    "Stay away from us," JUDE'S dad screamed as he grabbed a nearby mopping stick.
    "Haha," she laughed. "You want to stop me with a mop? "

    She snapped her fingers, Jude's dad neck twisted backwards.
    "No!" Vivian yelled.
    "What do you want from us?! " Jude asked with tears streaming down his cheeks.
    "I want you. Come peacefully and I won't have to kill your mother."

    "Leave my son alone you Evil Bitch!" Vivian yelled.
    She stretched her hand forward slowly magnetizing Vivian towards her. Vivian was choking whilst floating in thin air.

    "Okay, you can have me, just leave her be!"
    Vivian fell to the ground gasping for air, crawling towards Jude.
    "Don't go," she muttered.
    "I'm sorry mum, I have to."

    He kissed her forehead and headed towards 'her'. This unknown woman who has been terrorising the town and killed young people as sacrifice, was Mrs Mark, who's body was possessed by a demon.

    *        *       *

    Detective John headed back to the station with an injured arm, hurriedly grabbed the first aid box in his office.
    Captain walked in furious," Where the hell... " he paused on seeing his bleeding arm.

    *      *       *

    She caressed Jude's face on getting to her. 'That's a good boy'

    They both walked to door which opened itself. Vivian yelled behind, approaching Mrs Mark with a stake she derived from breaking the Mop stick.

    Mrs Mark stretched forth her hands, Vivian slipped and tripped upon the stake, taking her life with her hands.

    "No!" John broke down on his knees. "Why?!"
    "I'm Evil, what did you expect?"

    Written by Praise Osawaru

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