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    Wednesday, 6 September 2017

    [Horror Story] LISTEN - CHAPTER ELEVEN

    "The killer within"

    Jude was laying asleep on the bed, sleeping peacefully. Then he began rolling over on the bed, seemingly uncomfortable. Eventually he awoke from his slumber, soon began hearing voices.

    He heard his whispers, his name was mentioned.
    "Who's there?" he asked.. Obviously, no one. He lived alone now since his parents were dead. The wind blew shut open the window, the curtains flew in the air.

    He noticed a shadowy figure behind the closet, smiling. He quickly covered himself with his blanket. And closed his eyes. The whispers grew louder, thereafter the blanket flew off his half naked body.

    He saw a man standing before him, his skin was burnt and looking rotten. He yelled "Ahh!"
    He gasped, he looked around. It was just a dream, he was sweating profusely already.

    What a nightmare, he said to himself.


    Jude was being bullied in school by couple students claiming he caused his friends death the his parents likewise. Life turned to hell for him, he felt mad whenever they did so.

    If only there was something he could do. He got home late that day, it was a Friday. He had his shower and went to bed.

    He woke up the next morning, he went to bathroom looked at the mirror and yelled. There was blood all over his body but no cut.. He hurriedly rushes to the shower and cleansed himself.

    Jude had no idea or explanation of what occurred, he noticed his window open, 'could I have sleep walked at got myself
    [9/6, 15:21] Wordsmithpraise­čôŁ: Stained?'

    He waved the thought from his mind and went to the living room, put in the TV. He went to the kitchen to get something to eat, then he heard over the news.

    "Breaking News: Five students of Northwing College were found dead in front of a restaurant this morning."

    He left what he was doing and rushed to see the news, Hell! It was the guys who bullied him.
    At that moment he had an instant flashback.

    'He saw himself walking towards them immediately they got out of the restaurant, he attacked them tearing their flesh with his hands.'

    He came back to, he gasped for air, inhaled deeply.
    What did I do??"

    Written by Praise

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