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    Sunday, 17 September 2017

    Happy Sunday

    Oh dear, pious Sunday,
    I wake up anticipating Christ,
    Born of a virgin,
    Indeed it is worth every hype.
    Our saviour has done all for us,
    We can't help but appreciate this day,
    To exercise the act of faith,
    Not forced to us but by default.
    A rest day, it is for sure,
    My day of reflection,
    I know I am made of His image,
    His blood washed my iniquities.
    My soul seizes not to stop rejoicing,
    My mouth is agape,
    Like I was electrocuted by His grace,
    Indeed His praises filled my heart.
    Pen is mightier than sword,
    As I magnanimously bare my thoughts,
    About my saviour Most High,
    In this serene day.
    Happy Sunday to you all!
    IG- Obynofranc!

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