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    Saturday, 2 September 2017


    I sunk in my closet and did it again
    Something that cause my flesh more gain
    But still cause my heart nothing but pain

    I enjoyed it so much more than sweets
    Because it taste so yummy like the  cakes
    The one I bake in my closet in secrets
    That was not always good to tell anyone the news

    If the chewing gum would taste sweet forever
    Asake the daughter of Ashabi won't leave me, never
    If the sun would shine all night like never
    Then the pleasure should have been forever
    Only to realize there is end to the river

    Even the rains have a stopping time
    And the tree also stops producing lime
    No excuse whatsoever won't be lame
    For slaying myself with my spine
    And consciously swallowing the fire
    Even though I know it caused trauma
    And the aftermath pain ain't fair

    It is more than just desire
    It is nothing I gat to hire
    But the devil I always inspire
    Not because of ignorance nor trial
    The more I try to stop it linger
    Like a reflex it captures me further
    And make me believe ill neither
    Mama might be wrong I ponder

    This might just not be wrong, I think
    At least I'm not painting anyone pink
    And not even an anguish sent by my wink
    I should be right, though it suck
    But that moment, I couldn't think
    Not even straight because it crack
    Because the pleasure was a full trick
    Though lately it still makes me weak
    Even if it was the end or beginning of the week.

    Everyone is stuck in something
    That they always hate doing
    Addictions that is pleasuring
    Even though they're always smiling
    The devil still hunts so daring
    And when the fun exhaust them weakening
    They are left with pain and inner weeping
    That they don't want to do they keep doing
    That they love doing, is mind hurting
    For they feel the pain again loosing

    But there is something that could save us
    There is someone that could fight the force
    And make it rush out with much ooze
    And could save us from the booze
    The person is only  found inside us
    We need not to believe or accept the jinx
    Of being a victim of the short-lived bliss
    And embrace the freshness of the ambience
    Allows us win with OLODUMARE as our assistance
    For the battle is not alone ours
    We have to surrender all without reminisce

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      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
     ©Queerly pen

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