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    Friday, 8 September 2017


              Ladies can be very tricky, they might shower you with all the attention even you don’t need making you think you are the center of their world, and just when you think it’s the right time to make your move, she tells you you’re her best friend, and just like that you’re officially FRIENDZONED. I know right, it’s the worst thing that could happen to man. But fear not brother, I have your back.
              Let’s look at five signs that shows she is so into you that even you might have missed.

             Notice how excited she is to talk to you and how long it takes to end the conversation, when she spends a lot of time with you talking about one interesting topic after the other, she is totally into you, this doesn’t necessary mean in person, it might be on social media like whatsapp or facebook. Even when it feels like you guys have covered all the topic you can think of and there is nothing else to talk about, she will start asking you questions like “have you eaten?” “so what are you doing now?” She is not being boring, she simply doesn’t want the chat to end. Still don’t believe me? Okay answer this questions; does she text you first? Does she ever reply with “k”? does she call you often? If your answers are YES, NO, YES then you know what to do.
          However, there are some girls that do all these because they are just sweet and really friendly, so put your detective hats on and find out if she is like this to everyone.

            This is the oldest rule in the book, girls do this all the time, you imagine a joke in your head, you tell it to her, but it wasn’t really funny out loud as it was it your head, but she laughs anyway even if it doesn’t show her crystal white teeth.

            Now listen closely, this part is the trickiest of them all, they use reverse phycology when it comes to compliments, and what I mean by that is when you’re good at something, they say you’re bad and when you’re bad, they say you’re doing okay. For example, you put on your most expensive outfit looking like a millionaire, your hair looking smooth and slick, your face shinning, everyone sees you they miss a few steps before getting back on their feet, but she walks up to you and calls you “UGLY BOY”, oh brother, it’s your big day.

           This is just self-explanatory, even you have to have noticed this, but if you haven’t it’s probably because she is being tricky about it, of course she is not just going to tell you she doesn’t have a boyfriend or ask if you have a girlfriend. There is a logic to it. When she is trying to establish that she is single she will say something like she is bored expecting you to say “Call boo to cheer you up” or anything that has to do with the word “boo”, then she will start playing dumb asking who is boo before finally saying she doesn’t have a boo. I know pretty tricky right, well here comes the interesting part, when she tries to know if you’re single.
             Try asking her if you could come over to her place, first thing is going to ask you is “oh, you want them to break my head?” of course the ‘them’ she is referring to is your girlfriend which you don’t have, but when you tell her you don’t have a ‘them’ she acts like she doesn’t believe you and she just smile inside as you try convincing her otherwise.

           You’re on your own chilling, listening to music and she walks up to you with snacks in her hands and you’re there thinking it’s a normal thing, are you kidding me? Girls don’t just buy stuffs especially food for someone they just want to be friends with. They believe they should be bought food, not the other way around. Now it’s cool if she does this once or twice, but when it reaches a third time, you better start preparing your speech.

    By now you should know where you stand. Friend, or more than a friend. I would love to read your experience in this topic or how well you can relate with the points, so let’s talk in the comment section.


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