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    Saturday, 16 September 2017

    Evil Never Pays | Bedtime Tale | Wordsmith Praise


    One upon a time, there lived a young girl, an orphan, sleeping on the streets, eating leftovers at the trashcan. Her name was Patricia, she was a very sweet girl, who believed in doing good things. 

    It so happened some day whilst she snuck into a restaurant to eat leftovers, she was caught by the owner, who harassed her in public.

    Luckily for her, a wealthy family; The Walters, was in the restaurant having dinner. The Man felt sad for Patricia. He took her in and adopted her legally afterwards .

    She soon became a princess living in a mansion. However she was despised by Mr Walters daughters and mother. She was forced to do house chores whenever He was away.

    Mr Walters soon became gravely sick. Little did he know he was poisoned by his witchy wife. Patricia tried her best to help him survive nonetheless he died.

    Mrs Walters blamed her for her husband's death, saying she brought nothing but evil into their family.

    The family lawyer came and read the will. Surprisingly, he willed his fortunes to Patricia. This made Mrs Walters more angry. She poisoned Patricia's food likewise unfortunately her daughters ate it.

    She lost her precious daughters, she then got traumatized and was logged in to a mental hospital.
    Till today Patricia lives happily married to a great husband and with kids.
    Hail Patricia.. 

    Goodnight, Sleep well.
    Written by Praise Osawaru

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