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    Saturday, 9 September 2017

    Eulogy Of Ijebu | Poetry | Queerly Pen

    The river that forgot its origin
    It is the one they say gets dry
    Because I am a true son
    I would never describe with sundry
    Or point to my father's house with the left hand
    The great tribe amongst the ODUDUWA descendants
    The OMO ALARE,
    Of the Eighteen Agemos
    That set pace for the Yam period
    My town my home

    Where Garri for lunch is a custom
    And nothing we don't produce with cassava
    When every soup is accompanied with a supplement
    Of the animal skin called PONMO
    If you want a freedom from extravagant spendings
    Then you need to marry an IJEBU woman
    Or you want to enjoy great riches
    An Ijebu Man is the best choice
    For in our blood lies the undying thirst.
    To be successful and make money
    And every weekend is a routine
    Of merriment and partying
    They are always for the OWAMBE'S
    For we love the social gatherings
    Socialites of no kind here and there
    All hail the land of treasure
    There is nothing as delicious
    As the delicacy from water yam
    We call it IKOKORE
    A taste of heavenly paradise

    That  special meal precious than rice
    The most accommodating tribe
    That care for a stranger like a long known one
    That feed the friends like family
    And house the wanderer
    Like a king of another land
    There is nothing interesting as culture
    For all over it is written
    And in it power emanate
    The strongest ever lasting amongst all ethnics
    That roar fierce in the face of battle
    With their beads and gadgets of war
    We are people you can't resist loving
    We are people you won't fail admiring
    And doing business with us is so relaxing
    But, so we are people you ever regret betraying
    For in blood and spirit is the revenging
    To be continued.....
      + 2348033854010
      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
    ©Queerly pen

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